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4/6/11 Branding by Category & Flanking The Competition feat. Al Ries

March 30, 2011

This week, we will be returning to Missouri Funeral Care at 7 a.m.

In thinking about our test format of shorter articles, videos and white papers; it occurred to me that we don’t have to deviate from topic categories that we have discussed for the next book. With that in mind, here are two videos for us to discuss this week regarding small business branding and marketing.

Both videos are from Al Ries, who, along with his daughter Laura, have become industry experts in branding and positioning.

1. Do you believe that every brand has to be focused or can having a wide appeal work for some businesses?

2. Does the appearance of your business reflect the category that you WANT to be in for your target customers?

3. What’s the category you think you fit in for most customers and what category would you like be in?

4. Have you had an experience where you have decided not to take the competition head on and came up with a way to flank them?


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